1. Money for nothing [A]
2. Sultans of swing
3. White room
4. She's waiting
5. Layla

[A] special guest: Sting

Wembley Stadium, London, UK, 13th July 1985

Additional comments:
A home-made Video-CD containing the Dire Straits performance at the memorable Live Aid charity concert in 1985. Picture and sound quality is pretty good. The charity concert was featured on two continents: London (UK) and Philadelphia (USA). Dire Straits played at Wembley Stadium in the afternoon at the Live Aid concert and later that evening in Wembley Arena which was part of their ongoing Brothers in Arms world tour. Phil Collins flew in to the USA by Concord to catch up with Eric Clapton's band on drums which is also featured on this Video-CD. A very nice Video-CD from one of the biggest concerts of all time: Live Aid. Bands playing and giving their best just to send the whole world one message: Feed the world! Probably the largest charity concert to raise money for the starving people in Ethiopia. The Dire Straits performance is also available on normal audio-CD: Live Aid 1985.  Available on one CD-R.

Video-CD's can be played on DVD players or normal CD-ROM players using Windows Media Player. I can NOT play this Video-CD on my external Sony DVD player (DVP-NS705V). So I can only guarantee that it works on your PC CD-ROM drive!