Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Maidstone Studios, Kent, UK
Date 23rd May 2013
Source Soundboard
Format To be released on ....
  1. What it is
  2. Corned beef city
  3. Privateering
  4. Father and son
  5. Hill farmer's blues
  6. Back to Tupelo
  7. Kingdom of gold
  8. Romeo and Juliet
  9. Song for Sonny Liston
  10. I used to could
  11. Gator blood
  12. Haul away
  13. Marbletown
  14. Speedway at Nazareth
  15. Telegraph road
  16. Going home
Additional comments The show was filmed in front of an audience of just 200 people. It was originally meant to be broadcasted at the end of 2013 on BBC television, but that did not happen. Unsure if this recording will see the light of day in the future. Featuring Nigel Hitchcock on saxophone.
Pictures by Peter Mackay