Artist Phil Cunningham and Mark Knopfler
Venue Various places
Date Broadcast date: 10th May 2010
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Introduction
  2. Early years
  3. The pub scene
  4. Scottish influences
  5. Get lucky
  6. Soundtracks
  7. Guitars
  8. Piper to the end
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Additional comments DVD-Video featuring the documentary "When Phil Cunningham met Mark Knopfler", broadcasted on BBC Scotland. In January 2010, Mark Knopfler took time out with Phil Cunningham to film for the BBC programme, Artworks. It's a 28 minutes program featuring accordian player Phil Cunningham interviewing Mark Knopfler. Phil played accordian on Mark's album Get lucky on the songs Border reiver, Before gas and TV, So far from the Clyde and Piper to the end. The programme was broadcast on the 10th May 2010. It's mainly conversations and there are also short musical pieces featuring both musicians. Very nice when Phil and Mark play Irish boy together. And an interesting story about the song So far from the Clyde with pictures of the Indian beaches where hundreds of people are tearing down the ships. Great picture and sound quality, recorded from a digital broadcast.