Artist Dire Straits
Release date 19th June 1995
Recording Paris Theatre, London, UK, 22nd July 1978 [1-7]
Westfahlenhalle, Dortmund, Germany, 19th December 1980 [8]
Format 1CD
Label Vertigo PHCR-2114
  1. Down to the waterline
  2. Six blade knife
  3. Water of love
  4. Wild west end
  5. Sultans of swing
  6. Lions
  7. What's the matter baby?
  8. Tunnel of love
Front & back cover
Extra booklet
front and back cover

CD & Obi

CD detail

Additional comments
Japansese promotion CD the Live at the BBC album. The word "SAMPLE" printed on the inner circle of the CD and the first two Japanese
characters ("sample") on the red sticker on the Obi refer to the fact that this is a promo CD. Interesting to see is that this Japanese edition contains an extra black and white booklet with the lyrics both in English and in Japanese. Also the specially-written sleeve notes by Charlie Gillettt are translated in Japanese. The CD comes with an Obi, jewel case. The booklet mentions that Tunnel of love was taken from the Old Grey Whistle Test, London, UK, 31st January 1981. That is actually incorrect. The live version on the CD was recorded at the Rockpop festival at the Westfahlenhalle, Dortmund, Germany, 19th December 1980. You can also clearly hear Mark saying Danke schön! at the start of the song. The Old Grey Wistle Test also recorded a live version from Tunnel of love, but that one was recorded on 29th November 1980. All in all, a strange error for an official booklet.
Extra information Obi An Obi strip is traditionally a strip of paper looped around the left side or folded over the top of Japanese LP albums. Obi strips are also found folded over the left side of music CD's, video games, DVD's and even on the covers of books when they are sold new. The Japanese word "Obi" refers to the traditional sash or belt worn with a kimono. The features of the obi strip include the title of the product usually in phonetic Japanese, the track listings, other information such as price, catalog number and information on related releases or artists from that same record company.