Artist Dire Straits
Release date 27th May 2012
Recording Basing Street Studios, London UK, 13th February 1978 - 5th March 1978
Format 1CD
Label Vertigo
Cat.no. 5338742
  1. Down to the waterline
  2. Water of love
  3. Setting me up
  4. Six blade knife
  5. Southbound again
  6. Sultans of swing
  7. In the gallery
  8. Wild west end
  9. Lions
Front & back cover
Additional comments
In May 2012, the Greek newspaper "H Kaohmepinh" (The Daily) with a circulation of 100.000-150.000 copies, started to issue the first four Dire Straits albums. There were given away with the 4 Euro edition for the next four consecutive Sundays, starting on 27th May. Issued in a card sleeve which also has the name of the newspaper in the lower left corner on the back cover. The CD is the same source as the remastered release from 1996 (this year is also mentioned on the CD and cover), but it was issued in 2012 with this newspaper, a
special edition for one day only.
Newspaper info top right
27th May 2012

Already advertising for next week's issue on the front cover

Big one page advertisement for next week's issue