Artist Mark Knopfler
Release date 9th November 1987
Recording Studios, 1987
Format 1CD
Label Vertigo 832 864-2
  1. Once upon a time... Storybook love
  2. I will never love again
  3. Florin dance
  4. Morning ride
  5. The friends' song
  6. The cliffs of insanity
  7. The swordfight
  8. Guide my sword
  9. The fireswamp and the rodents of unusual size
  10. Revenge
  11. A happy ending
  12. Storybook love
Front & back cover                                                  
Additional comments Original edition, jewel case. The final song is sung by Willy DeVille. Funny credits:

In thinking about who might create the music for The princess bride, I sat down and made a list. I needed someone who could capture a film whose strange mixture of satirical humor, romance and action/adventure, set once upon a time with a contemporary feel, had provoked its author, Bill Goldman, to say, "I think this is an oddball film". Given the unique requirements of the score, I realized that the list of composers who might fit the bill was going to be a short one. Mark Knopfler was the only one who made the list. Although at the time I had not met Mark, I had been a huge fan of his, not only from Dire Straits, but his film scores of Local hero, Cal and Comfort and Joy were all haunting and very special. Realizing that I had no second choice, I sent the script to Mark and held my breath. Shortly, I had heard back from Mark. He loved the script and was interested in doing the film. I was thrilled! I started to exhale. But he had one condition. What was that? I re-inhaled! He said he would love to do the film, but was very imperative that the cap I wore as Mary De Bergi in Spinal Tap be placed somewhere in the film. I told him the cap was long gone, but I could find a similar one and possibly place it somewhere in the little boy's room. He agreed. I completed my exhale. In making a film - and this is no great revelation - I have found that as important as, if not more important than having the film turn out well is having a good live experience. There is, of course, no way to ensure this, but working with people whose company you enjoy is over half the battle. My experience working with Mark has been an absolute pleasure. Not only is he so obviously gifted as a musician and composer, but he is one of the nicer human beings one is likely to run into in this lifetime. His warmth, sensitivity, humor and intelligence come through in his work and in his life. Also he has excellent personal hygiene.

Many thanks amigo. It was beautane.
- Rob Reiner

Dear Rob,
I was sad it had to end. I was only kidding about the hat.
Love, M.K.