Artist Dire Straits
Release date June 1992
Recording Power Station, New York USA / Record Plant, New York, USA, 20th June 1980 - 25th August 1980 [3]
Jam Studios, London UK, 1st October 1982 - 3rd October 1982 [2]
Air Studios, Montserrat, West Indies, 2nd November 1984 - 21st December 1984 and 3rd January 1985 - 6th February 1985 [4]
Air Studios, London UK, November 1990 - May 1991 [1]
Format 1CD-single
Label Vertigo 866 967-2
  1. The bug
  2. Twisting by the pool
  3. Expresso love
  4. Walk of life
Front & back cover                   
Additional comments There were two different CD-singles released of The bug with different covers but with the same catalogue number. This orange version features European tour dates on the back, ranging from 18th April 1992 (first European show after the US and Canadian part of the tour) until 4th August 1992. Slimline jewel case, international edition.