Artist Dire Straits
Release date 1985
Recording Air Studios, Montserrat, West Indies, 2nd November 1984 - 21st December 1984 and 3rd January 1985 - 6th February 1985 [1, 2]
Jam Studios, London UK, 1st October 1982 - 3rd October 1982 [3]
Power Station, New York, USA, 8th March 1982 - 11th June 1982 [4]
Format 8 inch CD Video
Label Phonogram
Cat.no. QSF 062
  1. Money for nothing
  2. Walk of life
  3. Twisting by the pool
  4. Private investigations
Front & back cover
CD-Video label                      

Cover details


Additional comments Very rare 8 inch PAL CD-Video. I received this item still originally sealed in April 2009. I think it's a very limited edition as it does not even have a catalogue number printed on the card sleeve cover. It only has a round green sticker on the left upper corner of the front cover with the number 62 on it. The CD-Video label does not reveal much either, but it has a hand written code on it: QSF 062. Since the item was still originally sealed when I got it, I think that this can be considered as the catalogue number. The color of the disc itself is platinum, certainly not as gold coloured as the normal 5 inch CD-Videos that were officially released. This item was certainly not meant for sale as can be seen on the cover detail.