Artist Dire Straits
Release date 1987
Recording Jam Studios, London UK, 1st October 1982 - 3rd October 1982 [1, 2, 3]
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 23rd July 1983 [4]
Format 1CD Video
Label Warner Bros 25810-2
Tracks Audio:
  1. Twisting by the pool
  2. Two young lovers (studio version)
  3. If I had you
  4. Two young lovers (live version)


  1. Twisting by the pool
Front & back cover                     
Additional comments NTSC version of the Twisting by the pool CD Video. Rare item, also the only official digital release of the studio versions of Two young lovers and If I had you. Jewel case.

CD Video was a format introduced in 1983 that combined the technologies of compact disc and laserdisc. CD Video discs were the same size as an audio CD, and contained up to 20 minutes worth of audio information that could be played on any audio CD player. It also contained up to 5 minutes of analog video information plus digital CD-quality sound which could be played back on a laserdisc player capable of playing CD Video discs. CD Video discs have a distinctive gold color, to differentiate them from regular silver-colored audio CD's. CD Video is not to be confused with the all-digital MPEG-based Video CD format, which came out 2 years later in 1985. CD Video lasted only 6 years in the marketplace, disappearing by 1991.