Artist Dire Straits
Release date 1991
Recording Air Studios, London UK, November 1990 - May 1991
Format 1CD-single
Label Vertigo 868 757-2
  1. Calling Elvis
  2. Iron hand
  3. Millionaire blues
Front & back cover

Card front & back


Additional comments The first single of the On every street album. Tourdates are printed on the back, ranging from 23rd August 1991 (the first show of the On every street world tour) until 14th October 1991. Slimline jewel case, Canadian version. Most other versions have the word "CD single" printed on the front cover, on this Canadian version it's called "CD EP". Other remarkable thing is the (metallic) blue upper side of the CD which looks very nice. Along with the CD-single came a small card which is a bit unclear for me. Is it referring to the release of Alchemy on VHS format in Canada on 9th September 1991? If so, I am a bit surprised that it wasn't released before. After all, the Alchemy recording was originally released on 16th March 1984.