Artist Mark Knopfler
Release date 16th November 2018
Recording British Grove Studios, London, UK, September 2016 - March 2018
Format Deluxe LP Box Set
Label British Grove / Virgin EMI Records VBOX 3214
Tracks CD
  1. Trapper man
  2. Back on the dance floor
  3. Nobody’s child
  4. Just a boy away from home
  5. When you leave
  6. Good on you son
  7. My bacon roll
  8. Nobody does that
  9. Drovers’ road
  10. One song at a time
  11. Floating away
  12. Slow learner
  13. Heavy up
  14. Every heart in the room
  15. Rear view mirror
  16. Matchstick man


Tracks LP side A
  1. Trapper man
  2. Back on the dance floor
  3. Nobody’s child


Tracks LP side B
  1. Nobody does that
  2. Good on you son
  3. Floating away
Tracks LP side C
  1. One song at a time
  2. Heavy up
  3. Slow learner
Tracks LP side D
  1. Just a boy away from home
  2. My bacon roll
  3. When you leave
  4. Matchstick man
Bonus 12" Vinyl  side A
  1. Drovers' road
  2. Don't suck me in
Bonus 12" Vinyl  side B
  1. Sky and water
  2. Pale imitation
Front and back cover box       
Front and back 2LP       
Inside 2LP  
Front and back sleeve LP1  
Front and back sleeve LP2  
Front and back sleeve
bonus LP
Additional comments Mark Knopfler’s ninth solo studio album, Down the road wherever. This is the Deluxe LP Box Set. It featues the Deluxe CD in cardboard sleeve (CDVX 3214), 12" 2LP (VX 3214), bonus 12" with 4 bonus tracks (well, compared to the 2LP included that is, but Drovers' Road is actually part of the included CD - VY 3214), 12" guitar tablature of Back on the dance floor, 12" print of album artwork and a card with a code to download the album. With the code you can download all 19 tracks (the tracks from the Deluxe CD version + 3 bonus tracks) in both MP3 and WAV format. Sadly, the bonus tracks are not released on physical CD-format. Remarkable to see is that the catalogue number of the 2LP in this box set is different from the normal 2LP (V 3214)  which is separately available. The difference can be found on the inside and the artwork of the LP sleeves. The back of the box says that it contains a numbered art print, which is actually not numbered at all.