Artist Mark Knopfler
Release date 2018
Recording British Grove Studios, London, UK, September 2016 - March 2018
Format 1CD
Label Virgin EMI Records 67
Tracks CD
  1. Trapper man
  2. Back on the dance floor
  3. Nobody’s child
  4. Just a boy away from home
  5. When you leave
  6. Good on you son
  7. My bacon roll
  8. Nobody does that
  9. Drovers’ road
  10. One song at a time
  11. Floating away
  12. Slow learner
  13. Heavy up
  14. Matchstick man


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Detail CD  
Additional comments This is the individually numbered and watermarked promo CD of Mark Knopfler's ninth solo studio album, Down the road wherever. I have number 67. To me it is unknown how many of these promo CD's were issued. It is a CD-R, packed in plastic sleeve.