Artist Chet Atkins (featuring Mark Knopfler)
Release date 2004
Recording Vanderbilt University, Neely Auditorium, Nashville, USA, 1st and 2nd May 1987
Format 1DVD
Label Magnum Music MDV 021
  1. Intro 
  2. I'll see you in my dreams
  3. Walk of life
  4. All I have to do is dream
  5. Bye bye love
  6. Wake up little Susie
  7. Why worry
  8. Precious moments
  9. Waltz for the lonely
  10. I keep forgetting
  11. Rose in paradise
  12. Good hearted woman
  13. Island in the sea
  14. Sunrise 
  15. Imagine
  16. I still can't say goodbye
  17. Corinna Corinna
Front & back cover     
Additional comments A TV show by and with Chet Atkins and some of his closest friends. Very emotional for Mark Knopfler as he was playing with his childhood heroes, Chet Atkins and the Everly Brothers. The highlight is when the Everly Brothers sings Mark's song Why worry. Mark Knopfler plays guitar on all songs. Picture disc.