Chorus La première émission d'Antoine de Caunes
Artist Various artists (featuring Dire Straits)
Release date 2010
Recording Various 1978-1981
Format 3DVD
Label Ina Editions EDV 301
Tracks DVD 1 The Clash (broadcast on 02-03-1980)
1. Jimmy jazz
2. London calling
3. Protex blue
4. Train in vain
5. Koka kola
6. Fought the law
7. Spanish bombs
8. Wrong 'em boyo
9. Stay free
10. Janie Jones
11. Complete control
12. Garageland
13. Tommy gun

Magma (broadcast on 15-10-1978)
1. Hhaï 
2. Impro

Téléphone (broadcast on 07-01-1979)
1. Flipper 
2. Le Vaudou (Est Toujours Debout)
3. Hygiaphone

The Cure (broadcast on 16-12-1979)
1. At night
2. Three imaginary boys
3. Killing an Arab

Siouxsie and the Banshees (broadcast on 14-01-1979)
1. Pure
2. Switch

Ramones (broadcast on 24-02-1980)
1. Rock 'n' roll high school
2. I wanna be sedated
3. Do you remember rock 'n' roll radio
4. She's the one
5. I'm against it
6. Sheena is a punk rocker
7. This ain't Havana  
8. Commando

Stray Cats (broadcast on 28-02-1981)
1. Double talkin' baby  
2. Rumble in Brighton  
3. Ubangi stomp  
4. Fishnet stockings  
5. Stray cat strut  
6. Storm the embassy  
7. I sure miss you  
8. Runaway boys  
Tracks DVD 2 ZZ Top (broadcast on 26-04-1980)
1. Nasty dogs and funky kings  
2. El diablo  
3. Cheap sunglasses  
4. Arrested for driving while blind  
5. La Grange  
6. A fool for your stockings  
7. Jailhouse rock  
8. Tush

Trust (broadcast on 10-02-1980)
1. Fatalité  
2. Le Mitard   
3. Monsieur Comédie   
4. Bosser huit Heures

The Jam (broadcast on 14-03-1981)
1. David Watts  
2. Private hell   
3. The butterfly collector  
4. But I'm different now  
5. When you're young

The Stranglers (broadcast on 25-11-1979)
1. Five minutes  
2. Shah Shah a go go  
3. Ice  
4. Down in the sewer

The Undertones (broadcast on 11-10-1980)
1. Hannah doot  
2. There goes Norman  
3. See that girl  
4. More songs about chocolate and girls  
5. Male model  
6. Hypnotised  
7. Under the board walk

Madness (broadcast on 27-01-1980)
1. One step beyond  
2. My girl  
3. Swan lake  
4. Razor blade alley  
5. Night boat to Cairo
6. Madness

Tom Waits  (broadcast on 06-05-1979)
1. Pasties and a g-string  
2. I never talk to strangers  
3. Muriel

Garland Jeffreys (broadcast on 30-12-1979)
1. Rough and ready  
2. Wild in the streets

Tom Petty  (broadcast on 15-03-1980)
1. Breakdown  
2. American girl  
Tracks DVD 3 The Police (broadcast on 23-12-1979)
1. Next to you  
2. Truth hits everybody  
3. Walking on the moon  
4. Hole in my life  
5. Fall out  
6. Bring on the night  
7. Visions of the night  
8. Message in a bottle

Jacques Higelin  (broadcast on 01-10-1978)
1. Lettre a la Petite Amie de L'Ennemie Public N°1  
2. Je veux cette fille   
3. Denise  
4. Banlieue boogie blues

Peter Gabriel (broadcast on 17-12-1978)
1. Mother of violence  
2. Humdrum

Dire Straits (broadcast on 05-11-1978)
1. Water of love  
2. Lions  
3. Sultans of swing

The Pretenders (broadcast on 24-06-1979)
1. Stop your sobbing  
2. Tattooed love boys  
3. Mystery achievement

Captain Beefheart (broadcast on 15-11-1980)
1. Noawadays a woman's gotta hit a man  
2. Best batch yet  
3. Dirty blue gene  
4. Safe as milk  
5. Flavor bud living
6. Bat chain puller

Elvis Costello (broadcast on 10-06-1979)
1. This year's girl  
2. Lipstick vogue  
3. Watching the detectives  
4. Pump it up  
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Additional comments A nice 3DVD set featuring various Chorus TV broadcasts between 1978-1981. The DVD set also includes a booklet. A small part of the original Dire Straits performance is also included. Recorded at Empire, Paris, France, 14th October 1978. Since the original interview is not included and Lions was starting at the end of the interview, the beginning of Lions is cut on this DVD. And there seems to be an error in the DVD edit of Sultans of swing. Just after Mark sings the line "And says at last just as the time bell rings", the image speed is heavily reduced for about 67 seconds while the sounds remains OK. This was not done on the original broadcast and seems to be unintentionally. The image speed is restored to normal again just before the end of the song. The full performance can be found on this DVD, but of course is less good quality: Chorus TV 1978