Artist Various artists (featuring Mark Knopfler)
Release date 2001
Recording Various places
Format 1DVD
Label American Masters ID1701MFDVD
  1. Introduction - Main title
  2. Sun Records' survival
  3. How it all began
  4. Elvis Presley
  5. Paul McCartney - That's all right
  6. Carl Perkins
  7. Ben Folds Five - Honey don't
  8. The Sun Sound
  9. Mark Knopfler - Rock 'n Roll Ruby
  10. It's the music that counts
  11. Johnny Cash
  12. Live - I walk the line
  13. Selling Elvis
  14. A lot of "newcomers"
  15. Sonny Burgess
  16. Robert Plant & Jimmy Page - My bucket's got a hole in it
  17. Billy Lee Riley
  18. Johnny Hallyday - Blue suede shoes
  19. Zuchhero - Who will the next fool be
  20. The music of today
  21. Third eye blind - Cry, cry, cry
  22. Malcolm Yelvington and Kid Rock - Drinking wine spo-dee-o-dee
  23. At home with Sonny Burgess
  24. Jerry Lee Lewis
  25. Not all sweet memories
  26. Charlie Rich
  27. Matchbox Twenty - Lonely weekends
  28. The end of Sun Records
  29. 50th anniversary reunion
  30. End credits
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Additional comments The Sun Records Tribute album Good rockin' tonight - The Legacy of Sun Records. This DVD includes Mark's recording of Rock and Roll Ruby. The recording was first broadcasted in the USA on PBS Worldwide (TV) on 28th November 2001. Most likely, the song was recorded somewhere in 2001, after Mark Knopfler's Sailing to Philadelphia world tour. Picture disc.