Artist The Chieftains (featuring Mark Knopfler)
Release date 2000
Recording Various places
Format 1DVD
Label BMG 090268192-9
  1. Mo Ghile Mear (Our Hero) - Sting
  2. Dunmore Lassies (Instrumental)
  3. Coast of Malabar - Ry Cooder
  4. The lily of the west - Mark Knopfler
  5. He moved through the fair
  6. The foggy dew - Sinead O'Connor
  7. Love is teasin' - Marianne Faithfull
  8. Tennessee Waltz
  9. Tennessee Mazurka - Tom Jones
  10. Closing Credits: The long black veil
Front & back cover          
Additional comments This DVD features The Chieftains and various guest musicians. Mark Knopfler's contribution can be heard and seen on the song The lily of the west.