Artist David Attenborough (contribution to the music by Mark Knopfler)
Release date 27th September 2004
Recording (music) Unknown studio
Format 1DVD
Label BBC BBCDVD  1498
  1. Is there a crises?
  2. Why is there a crisis?
  3. The future of life
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Additional comments
State of the Planet is a three-part environmental documentary series, made by the BBC Natural History Unit, transmitted in November 2000. It is written and presented by David Attenborough, and produced by Rupert Barrington. It includes interviews with many leading scientists, such as Edward O. Wilson and Jared Diamond. Each of the programmes attempts to find answers to the potential ecological crisis that threatens the Earth. The series was specially commissioned by BBC One for the millennium, and had a budget of around GBP 2 million. The music for this documentary was composed by English composer, singer and songwriter Sarah Class, featuring a short guest appearance on guitar from Mark Knopfler. Mark Knopfler can be heard on the track Chaco Canyon.

Sarah Class and Mark Knopfler (photos are not featured on the DVD)