Artist Dire Straits
Release date May 1993
Recording Feyenoord stadium, Rotterdam, Holland, 1st June 1992 [3, 4]
Les Arenes, Nimes, France, May 1992 [1, 2]
Format 1CD-single
Label Vertigo
Cat.no. PHCR-8035
  1. Your latest trick
  2. The bug
  3. Solid rock
  4. Wild theme
Front & back cover                        

Inside cover

Obi strip & CD     
Detail flap cover
Additional comments
The live album On the night was released as a single disc. The release of this seperate Encores CD-single makes the concert more complete. Slimline jewel case, Japanese edition. Remarkable that this Japanese edition has information printed on the inside of the cover, in this case it's the track information and English lyrics of Your latest trick, The bug and Solid rock. The CD itself has a metallic look on the upper side which looks very nice. The CD-single features the original Obi strip.
Extra information Obi An Obi strip is traditionally a strip of paper looped around the left side or folded over the top of Japanese LP albums. Obi strips are also found folded over the left side of music CD's, video games, DVD's and even on the covers of books when they are sold new. The Japanese word "Obi" refers to the traditional sash or belt worn with a kimono. The features of the obi strip include the title of the product usually in phonetic Japanese, the track listings, other information such as price, catalog number and information on related releases or artists from that same record company.