Artist Mark Knopfler
Release date 11th September 2009
Recording British Grove Studios, London, UK, October 2008 - March 2009
Format Box-set
Label Vertigo 2708675
Tracks CD
  1. Border reiver
  2. Hard shoulder
  3. You canít beat the house
  4. Before gas and tv
  5. Monteleone
  6. Cleaning my gun
  7. The car was the one
  8. Remembrance Day
  9. Get lucky
  10. So far from the Clyde
  11. Piper to the end
Tracks bonus CD
  1. Pulling down the ride
  2. Home boy
  3. Good as gold
Tracks DVD
  1. Get lucky - behind the scenes photo shoot
  2. Cleaning my gun - band performance at British Grove Studios
  3. Remembrance day - recording acoustic guitar
  4. Mark & band - recording backing vocals
  5. Studio tour - by Mark Knopfler & Chuck Ainlay
  6. Control room - with Mark Knopfler & Chuck Ainlay
Tracks bonus DVD
  1. Alfie USA
  2. Front of house
  3. Mr. Saggers in Kettering
  4. Monitors
  5. Backstage
  6. Stage and merchandising
Tracks LP 1 - side A
  1. Border reiver
  2. Hard shoulder
  3. You canít beat the house
Tracks LP 1 - side B
  1. Before gas and tv
  2. Monteleone
  3. Cleaning my gun
Tracks LP 2 - side A
  1. The car was the one
  2. Remembrance Day
  3. Get lucky
Tracks LP 2 - side B
  1. So far from the Clyde
  2. Piper to the end
Front and back cover box set     
Contents box set


Additional comments Great looking Get lucky deluxe box set. Limited edition, only 13.000 were made worldwide. The box contains the limited edition CD / DVD digipack, CD with three bonus tracks, a bonus DVD with behind the scenes Kill to get Crimson tour footage featuring interviews conducted by Guy Fletcher, Danny Cummings, and Jessica Hoop, the vinyl version of Get lucky (double LP), guitar tablature for the song Get lucky, 3x MK branded professional poker chips, 2x MK branded professional craps dice and a classic gig ticket (limited edition replica). A really wonderful looking box, one of the nicest official releases I have ever seen from Mark Knopfler.