Artist Dire Straits
Release date 2013
Recording Empire, Paris, France, 14th October 1978
Format 2 DVD-R
Label Ina INA-761483 & INA-765683
Tracks DVD 1
  1. Water of love
  2. Interview
  3. Lions
  4. Sultans of swing
Tracks DVD 2
  1. Eastbound train
Front & back cover DVD 1
Front & back cover DVD 2

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Additional comments The official French TV archive ( offers recordings to purchase. You can either download a recording or for a little extra, Ina will burn the recording on a DVD-R and send it to you. The Ina archive has the 2008 rebroadcast version available of Chorus. Unlike the official 3DVD set, this version features the interview, therefor has no cut on the intro of Lions, has no reduced image speed on Sultans of swing and also features Eastbound train. That last track can be ordered seperately, that's why I have it on a second DVD. Both parts are burned on an official Ina DVD and despite not being silver pressed DVD's, it can be concidered as official material. The only minor thing is that "" can be seen in the lower right corner of the image the whole time.