Artist Mark Knopfler
Release date 1996
Recording Unknown recording place and date
Format 1CD
Label Vertigo GOLD 4
  1. How did this album envolve?
  2. The songs have the flavour of the places they were recorded.
  3. Tell us about your co-producer Chuck Ainlay.
  4. Does this album feel like a new beginning?
  5. It's an album of real band performances.
  6. There are some familiar names contributing to the album.
  7. Did many of the songs envolve in the studio?
  8. Was the album an reaction to the enormity of what Dire Straits had become?
  9. The album begins with a very Celtic flavour on 'Darling pretty'.
  10. How about 'Imelda'?
  11. The title track, 'Golden heart'?
  12. 'No can do'?
  13. 'Vic and Ray'?
  14. 'Don't you get it'?
  15. 'A night in summer long ago'?
  16. 'Cannibals'?
  17. 'I'm the fool'?
  18. 'Je suis désolé'?
  19. 'Rüdiger'?
  20. 'Nobody's got the gun'?
  21. 'Done with Bonaparte'?
  22. And the last track, 'Are we in trouble now'?
  23. Are we going to see the name 'Dire Straits' on a record or on a concert ticket again?
  24. Meanwhile, you're going to be busy touring 'Golden heart'.
Front & back cover                                              
Additional comments Promotional interview CD for the release of the Golden heart album. Jewel case.