Artist Mark Knopfler
Release date 1991
Recording Unknown recording place and date
Format 1CD
Label Vertigo
Cat.no. MK OES 1
  1. After the last tour, it looked for a while as though there might not be any more Dire Straits?
  2. Calling Elvis is an odd title for a song. How did that come about?
  3. Is life on the road conductive to the writing process? Come to that, do you actually understand just how songs happen?
  4. So tell us about the new Straits. Who's in the band?
  5. You seem to adapt and adopt loads of different musical styles. Do you actually have a favourite? Country perhaps?
  6. You've written a song on the Every Street album about TV evangelists. Why?
  7. How long will this tour actually last?
  8. You're tied up with Philips again on this tour. Presumably that means loads of free DCC's and stuff for the band?
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Additional comments Promotional interview CD for the release of the On every street album. Jewel case, UK edition. Both the UK and Canadian editions are identical except for the CD-print. Click here to see the differences in more detail.