Artist Mark Knopfler
Release date 2000
Recording Unknown recording place and date
Format 1CD
Label Mercury KNOINT1
  1. Introduction
  2. Mark, are all the songs on 'Sailing to Philadelphia' newly-written since the 'Golden heart' album in 1996?
  3. Did you enjoy the 'Golden heart' tour?
  4. Did you go straight to work on 'Sailing to Philadelphia' after the 'Golden heart' tour?
  5. But 'Sailing to Philadelphia' has been the main focus?
  6. Did you always have Van (Morrison) in mind for 'The last laugh'?
  7. Do you know him well?
  8. Are there times when a song just calls out to be a duet?
  9. Do you write at home?
  10. Let's talk some more about the songs on the album individually, starting with the first track and opening single, 'What it is', which has a bit of a Dire Straits feel.
  11. You mentioned the title track with James Taylor, 'Sailing to Philadelphia'.
  12. 'Who's your baby now'?
  13. One of the most unusual titles on the album is 'Baloney again'.
  14. We've already mentioned the Van Morrison track, 'The last laugh'.
  15. 'Silvertown blues' features Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford.
  16. How about 'El macho'?
  17. 'Prairie wedding'?
  18. 'Wanderlust'?
  19. What was the inspiration for 'Junkie doll'?
  20. 'Sands of Nevada'?
  21. The last track, 'One more matinee', we touched on earlier, so the next question has to be when we're going to see you on stage again?
  22. Have you ever had what they call a 'dry spell'?
  23. Do you ever feel a sense of awe when you work with some of the musicians you do?
Front & back cover     
Additional comments Promotional interview CD for the release of the Sailing to Philadelphia album. Slimline jewel case.