Artist Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
Release date 2006
Recording Unknown recording place and date
Format 1CD
Label Mercury -
  1. Mark, what made you want to work with Emmylou?
  2. Emmylou, what attracted you to working with Mark? How do you feel about the blend of voices?
  3. Let's talk about the process of recording this album, it's been seven long years in the making.
  4. How organic and collaborative was the process? Emmylou, what were you able to bring to Mark's songs?
  5. Mark, what did Emmylou bring in her harmony singing to these songs?
  6. Emmylou, you've worked with a list of the greatest American country stars. Is there anything distinctive that Mark as an Englishman brings to this genre.
  7. Who played on the record and what was the contribution of the band?
  8. Because the making of this album has been going on for so long, you were writing and recording in the wake of 9/11 and this produced one of your key songs 'If this is goodbye'. How did that impact on the process?
  9. You talk about ordinary, extraordinary lives and that in a way is what this album is about. It is particularly celebrated on 'This is us'.
  10. Emmylou, Mark says he did not write specifically for this duets record, did you?
  11. Emmylou, you're working with one of the world's greatest guitarists, where there moments when you were urging him to let loose with a solo?
  12. Mark, when you were a struggling musician in the British pun rock scene of the '70's could you have ever imagined working with Emmylou Harris?
  13. Now that you have finally finished the album 'All the roadrunning' are you going to take this on tour?
Front & back cover     
Additional comments Promotional interview CD for the release of the All the roadrunning album. It's a CD-R release, printed disc, issued in a clear plastic sleeve.