Artist Mark Knopfler
Release date July 1994
Recording Air Studios, London, UK, January 1984 - March 1984
Format 1CD-single
Label Vertigo 858 579-2
  1. Irish boy
  2. Joy
  3. A fistful of ice cream
Front & back cover





Additional comments CD-single, slimline jewel case. This is one of the most rare items in my collection and almost impossible to find nowadays. It was even very hard to get shortly after it's release. This silver pressed CD-single was produced to promote the Screenplaying album. Produced in Germany exclusively for Spain, in a very small quantity (if reports are to believed, somewhere between 100 and 150 copies were made). Very nice to see that this CD-single features two of the three songs from the soundtrack Comfort and Joy which was originally only released on vinyl. The third track from that soundtrack, Comfort, was also released in digital format on the CD-single Going home. Mega rare item!