Artist Dire Straits
Release date 1992
Recording Various places
Format 12 inch LaserDisc
Label Polygram Video PHLS-3
Tracks side A
  1. Sultans of swing
  2. Wild west end
  3. Skateaway
  4. Romeo and juliet
  5. Tunnel of love
  6. Private investigations
  7. Love over gold (live)
  8. Twisting by the pool
  9. So far away
Tracks side B
  1. Walk of life
  2. Money for nothing
  3. Brothers in arms
  4. Calling Elvis
  5. Heavy fuel
  6. The bug
  7. Your own sweet way
  8. Feel like going home
  9. Will you miss me
  10. Private investigations (live)
  11. Going home
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Additional comments
A mixture of various video clips of Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler and The Notting Hillbillies.
12 inch LaserDisc, NTSC format, Japanese edition including seperate info-sheet. This info-sheet features all lyrics in English and Japanese and also features a great live photo of Mark Knopfler during the On every street world tour. The Obi is missing.
Laserdisc information The LaserDisc (LD) is an obsolete home video disc format, and was the first commercial optical disc storage medium. Initially marketed as Discovision in 1978, the technology was licensed and sold as Reflective Optical Videodisc, Laser Videodisc, Laservision, Disco-Vision, DiscoVision, and MCA DiscoVision until Pioneer Electronics purchased the majority stake in the format and marketed LaserDisc in the mid to late 1980's. While LaserDisc produced a consistently higher quality image than its rivals, the VHS and Betamax systems, the laserdisc never obtained more than a niche market with videophiles in America. In Europe, it remained largely an obscure format. It was, however, much more popular in Japan and in the more affluent regions of South East Asia, such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Laserdisc was the prevalent rental video medium in Hong Kong during the 1990's. The technology and concepts provided with the Laserdisc would become the forerunner to Compact Discs and DVDs.