Artist Mark Knopfler
Release date 2002
Recording Emerald Sound Studios, Nashville, USA, 20th January 2002 - 2nd February 2002 and 15th April 2002 - 20th April 2002
Format 1CD
Label Mercury A269214-01
  1. Why aye man
  2. Devil baby
  3. Hill farmer's blues
  4. A place where we used to live
  5. Quality shoe
  6. Fare thee well Northumberland
  7. Marbletown
  8. You don't know you're born
  9. Coyote
  10. The ragpicker's dream
  11. Daddy's gone to Knoxville
  12. Old pigweed
Front & back cover     
Additional comments German promotion CD, issued in DVD jewel case package. Rare item, picture disc.