Artist The Notting Hillbillies
Release date 1990
Recording Mark Knopfler's former small home studio, Notting Hill Gate, London, UK
Format 1CD-single
Label Warner Bros PRO-CD-3943
  1. Your own sweet way (edit)
  2. Your own sweet way (full version)
CD & back cover                         
Additional comments Promotional CD-single, jewel case. Your own sweet way written and sung by Mark Knopfler. This single only has a back cover, no front cover. The CD itself is a very nice picture disc. The standard back cover says 1988, but has to be 1990. I have heard of a version which also has a simple front cover. Since I never came across it before on any record fair or internet site, I have my doubts if that is original.

The picture on the CD-print shows a botlle. That bottle was actually part of the Warner Bros promo material that was made and contains real English tea. Below two pictures of the bottle that I have in my collection.