Artist Mark Knopfler
Release date 2000
Recording Recording studio, Nashville, USA, April 1999 and November 1999
Format 1CD-single
Label Mercury
Cat.no. CDP 611
  1. What it is (radio edit)
  2. What it is (album version, but with extra verse!)
  3. What it is (enhanced video)
Front & back cover               
Additional comments Mexican promotional CD-single, card sleeve. It's a Mixed Mode CD (featuring audio tracks & a video track). The great thing about this promo is that it contains an extended version of What it is which is really rare. This version is longer than the one that can be found on the official album Sailing to Philadelphia and it includes one extra verse that goes something like:

Cold on a tollgate at the drumspeed the tattoo
Cold on a tollgate God knows what I can do with you

That's what it is
It's what it is now
What it is
It's what it is now

And the Highland-man stands blowing on his fingers by the green
I've walked inside his shoes before
So I always buy his magazines
He's with a local mystery
With blood stains on her hands
I like the way she winks at me
But I leave her with the Highland-man

Very rare to find a more complete song on a promo than on an official album.