Artist Dire Straits
Dates A. Mark Knopfler interview and acoustic pieces of songs, 1990
B. Calling Elvis, Tunnel of love, Iron hand, 1991
C. Mark Knopfler singing, Roger Scott Tribute, 7th December 1989
D. Only vocals live, UK TV, 1990
E. French TV, 1984
F. Mark Knopfler and Alan Clark, Dutch TV, 1983
G. Dire Straits at the David Letterman show, 1985
H. German TV documentary about Prince Charles and Princess Diana 1987
I.  UK childrens TV program, 1989
J.  Mark Knopfler at the David Letterman show, 1996
K. Mark Knopfler and Tom Jones, 1996
L.  Mark Knopfler and Jimmy Nail, 1995
Source Soundboard
Format 1CD-R
  1. Chet Atkins documentary [A]
  2. Acoustic pieces of songs [B]
  3. Feel like going home [C]
  4. Your own sweet way [D]
  5. Mark Knopfler French TV jam [E]
  6. Wild theme [F]
  7. Expresso love [G]
  8. In Private & In Public Part I [H]
  9. In Private & In Public Part II [H]
  10. In Private & In Public Part III [H]
  11. Ghost of Faffner Hall [I]
  12. Cannibals [J]
  13. Feel like going home [K]
  14. Love [L]
  15. Big river [L]
  16. Eastbound train [L]
Additional comments

Very rare material, some highlights are for example the Tom Jones and Mark Knopfler version of Feel like going home and the rare material that Mark Knopfler wrote for Lady Di and the childrens TV programme music.