Artist Mark Knopfler
Location BBC Radio 6 studio, London, UK
Date 2nd April 2015
Source Soundboard
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. Interview Mark Knopfler
Additional comments Shaun Keaveny's Eighth Anniversary on Breakfast featuring Mark Knopfler. Shaun celebrates by welcoming the one guest he's been trying to track down for all these years - Mark Knopfler to the show. Mark is chatting about his eighth solo album Tracker which features 11 new Knopfler songs inspired by a wide range of subjects including Beryl Bainbridge and Basil Bunting. They'll chat about the album and up coming tour and Keaveny's lifelong desire to meet the great man. And very remarkable: Mark mentiones he recently wrote a new song; "Matchstick Man, maybe I'll record it one day". He also explaines a bit about the story behind Matchstick Man. And it is also touching to hear about the fan letter that Shaun wrote in 1987 to Dire Straits and Mark when he was just 15 years old and the letter was returned to him with "Gone Away" written on the unopened envelope. It was unknown to Mark, and Shaun showed Mark the letter and Mark read it, live on the radio! The interview has a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The sound quality suffers from some hiss, but still very listenable, one of the nicest interviews with Mark. Total playing time is about 25 minutes.
The part of the fan letter on the BBC website (image only!)