Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Ventass Bullring, Madrid, Spain
Date 2nd July 2001
Source Audience
Format 1CD-R
  1. Speedway at Nazareth
  2. Drum check
  3. Speedway at Nazareth - last part again
  4. Some guitar sounds
  5. Romeo and Juliet
  6. Not much going on
  7. Intro of Who's your baby now
  8. Silent discussions
  9. Intro of Who's your baby now
  10. Verse of Who's your baby now
  11. Not much going on
  12. Harmonica sounds & fun with Pyroman lyrics
  13. Various instruments
Additional comments

Unique recording of the Madrid soundcheck at the Ventass Bullring with good sound. Great to hear some (complete) songs played during the soundcheck. And funny to hear that the band and the sound engineer Robbie are having fun about some lyrics from Pyroman. The complete soundcheck lasts about 27 minutes. Some crackling from the recorder (probably hidden in a bag or something).