Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Bullring, Bilbao, Spain
Date 3rd July 2001
Source Audience
Format 1CD-R
Tracks Track 1- 23: complete soundcheck

Track 24: Speedway at Nazareth
Track 25: Romeo and Juliet
Track 26: Romeo and Juliet - Mark playing his National
Additional comments

Unique recording of the complete Bilbao soundcheck at the Bullring. Very interesting to hear the soundchecks of Speedway at Nazareth, Junkie doll, Who's your baby now and Romeo and Juliet. The sound is OK. I have three parts of this soundcheck in better sound quality and I added them on this disc as bonus tracks. These bonus tracks feature the full version of Speedway at Nazareth, Romeo and Juliet and two minutes of Romeo and Juliet sounds of Mark's national which is really great to hear. Total disc time is about 74 minutes.