Artist Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
Venue Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Date 5th June 2006
Source Audience
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Right now
  2. Red staggerwing
  3. Michaelangelo
  4. I dug up a diamond
  5. Belle Starr
  6. This is us
  7. All the roadrunning
  8. Speedway at Nazareth
  9. If this is goodbye
  10. So far away
  11. Our Shangri-La
  12. Why worry

  13. Soundchecks (audio with photo slide show)
  14. Meet and greet # 1
  15. Meet and greet # 2
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing the concert of Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris in Rotterdam, taken from the All the roadrunning world tour 2006. Unfortunately it's not the complete concert. Picture quality is pretty good, sometimes a bit too bright and sometimes a bit dark. Sound quality is good. Filmed from the arena field, no real close-ups. The extras are very nice. It features the audio from the soundcheck that afternoon combined with a slide show of various photos taken that day. And furthermore there are two versions of the filmed instrumental part of the meet and greet on which Mark Knopfler also played guitar himself. Great to see!