USA 1992

Artist Dire Straits
Venue Sports Arena, San Diego, USA, 5th February 1992
Illinois University, Champaign, USA, 17th February 1992 [B]
Source Audience
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. The bug
  2. Private investigations
  3. Sultans of swing
  4. Two young lovers
  5. Money for nothing
  6. Brothers in arms
  7. Money for nothing [B]
  8. Brothers in arms [B]
  9. Setting me up [B]
  10. Philips commercials for On Every Street


Additional comments DVD-Video featuring some songs from the concerts in San Diego and Champaign. The video from San Diego is very nice to watch, nice colours and filmed not too far from the stage. The recording from Champaign is a more shaky, less colours but it features a complete recording of Setting me up which was very rarely played, so unique to have on video! The DVD also features some French Philips commercials for the album and tour.