Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue United Palace Theater, New York, USA
Date 6th May 2010
Source Audience
Format 2CD-R
Tracks CD 1
  1. Announcement
  2. Border reiver
  3. What it is
  4. Sailing to Philadelphia
  5. Coyote
  6. Prairie wedding
  7. Hill farmer's blues
  8. Romeo and Juliet
  9. Sultans of swing
  10. Donegan's gone
  11. Monteleone
Tracks CD 2
  1. Band introduction
  2. Marbletown
  3. Speedway at Nazareth
  4. Telegraph road
  5. Brothers in arms
  6. So far away
  7. Piper to the end
Additional comments Good sounding recording. This evening, guitar builder John Monteleone was a special guest. Mark wanted to save the song he wrote about John until the band arrived in New York. So, this is the first performance of Monteleone during the Get lucky tour. Complete concert.
Mark Knopfler and Tim O'Brien showing their own signature Martin guitars