Artist Mark Knopfler
Broadcast date 8th & 22nd March 2019 (actual recording date most likely June 2018)
Source Soundboard
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. Brian Johnson's - A life on the road (episode featuring Mark Knopfler)


Additional comments Broadcast from Sky Arts, UK. In this episode Brian Johnson (former singer of AC/DC and fellow Geordie) meets Mark Knopfler in Newcastle at the Spanish City fairground. They talk about Mark's career and Mark plays some songs on acoustic guitar for Brian. The song Matchstick Man is also included which really touched Brian. Also very interesting to hear Mark sing old tunes together with Brian, talk about why he wrote Tunnel of love and even singing "like the Spanish City to me, when we were kids".  Mark also plays acoustics parts of Picture of you, Donegan's gone, Sailing to Philadelphia, Go love. All great material. Total playing time is about 44 minutes, great picture and sound quality.
The North East icons were spotted at the Cumberland Arms in Tynemouth while filming this episode. 15 year old Evan Bullough had waited outside the pub for three hours before he could approach Mark and Brian. Evan played parts of Sultans of swing and Thunderstruck on his guitar and got it signed. This is not featured in the TV broadcast, but here are a few pictures from the internet. It was a newsarticle from 23rd June 2018, so that must have been the time the documentary was recorded.


Picture taken at the Cumberland Arms pub
Picture taken at the coast