LO+PLUS 2000

Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue TV studio, Spain
Date 8th November 2000
Source Soundboard
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Intro / show
  2. Baloney again (live)
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing the Lo+Plus TV show featuring Mark Knopfler, broadcasted on Canal+. Probably one of the most silly shows I have ever seen, but I had a few good laughs about it anyway. It's an Spanish show of about 48 minutes with two reporters. Mark Knopfler is on the show the whole time and various nonsense comes along. When the commercial break starts, the band starts playing one of the Dire Straits hits, you can see that Mark looks a bit surprised about that. After the commercial break, coming back to the show, one of the reporters plays Wild theme on his electric guitar. Mark has to hide his mouth with his hand to prevent other people seeing that he has got to laugh. Very funny moment. After that part Mark says that the guitar looks like a coffee table! Another funny moment is when Mark get's an acoustic guitar in his hands. He says he's working on a song and starts to play it. It's in fact No Cambiť and the Spanish audience starts singing it, very nice. Just when Mark has played the last note, you can see two people in the audience acting strange. When one of the reporters has a look to see what's going on, you can see a pirate who is already selling this song on a bootleg CD. Mark get's a copy of this bootleg and says about that: "Oh, look at that! Hey, you guys don't hang around, do you?" Great to see and very funny. There is also a part where Mark is shown on a picture with all kinds of strange head bands. At the end of this silly show, Mark plays a wonderful electric version of Baloney again, completely live. One of the most remarkable promotional things Mark did for the Sailing to Philadelphia album I think. Picture and sound quality are both very good.