Artist Dire Straits
Venue Estadio de la Romareda, Zaragoza, Spain
Date 9th October 1992
Source Audience
Format 1DVD+R
  1. Calling Elvis
  2. Walk of life
  3. Heavy fuel
  4. Romeo and Juliet
  5. The bug
  6. Private investigations
  7. Sultans of swing
  8. Olé, olé
  9. Your latest trick
  10. On every street
  11. Two young lovers
  12. Telegraph road
  13. Money for nothing
  14. Brothers in arms
  15. Solid rock
  16. Thanking the crew & goodbye
  17. Wild theme
  18. Outro
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing the final concert of the On every street world tour 1991-1992. It's also the final concert in the history of Dire Straits. I have mixed feelings seeing this one. For me it's a period I will never forget and I wish I could experience it all again. But let's face reality; Dire Straits is history... What a great tour this last tour was. It was a marvellous time with lot's of articles in newspapers and magazines, TV & radio broadcasts, concerts sold out within no time, a powerful nine piece band, concerts ranging from small venues to big stadiums, an amazing light show, a road crew up to 100 people, three stages leapfrogging around and up to 43 trucks of equipment. Starting at the small venue "The Point Depot" in Dublin (23rd August 1991) and ending the tour 14 months later in the big stadium of Zaragoza, the final concert. This video is certainly not a good one, it's blurr and the image flickers between colour and black & white from time to time. Some songs miss a short piece of the beginning, but apart from that the concert is complete. Including the small speech from Mark Knopfler in which he thanks the band, the crew and says goodbye to the audience. It's an historic moment, the end of an era.

I saw three concerts on this tour myself: 28th September 1991 (Ahoy, Rotterdam), 30th September 1991 (Ahoy, Rotterdam) and 30th May 1992 (Feyenoord stadium, Rotterdam). Thanks Dire Straits for the great memories I will cherish for the rest of my life!