1. So far away
2. Sultans of swing
3. Why worry
4. Money for nothing
5. Private investigations
6. Walk of life
7. Tunnel of love
8. Solid rock (with Nils Lofgren)
9. Brothers in arms


1. The man's too strong
2. Going Home (with Hank B. Marvin)

3. Planet of New Orleans (erotic video)
4. It's money that matters (Randy Newman with Mark Knopfler)
5. Falling in love (Randy Newman with Mark Knopfler)
6. Fade to black (erotic phone video TV)
7. Storybook Love (with Willy deVille)
8. Jam session / interview (unknown place and date)
9. Ghost of Faffner Hall (English TV)
10. David Knopfler - Madonna's Daughter (with Dire Straits, San Remo 1984)

Wembley Arena, London, UK, 10th July 1985

Addional comments:
A home-made Video-CD. The picture and sound quality is pretty nice. Guest players are Nils Lofgren on Solid Rock and Hank B. Marvin of the Shadows on Going Home. Great introduction for him by Mark Knopfler. The concert itself features great versions, very powerful. To fill up the second CD, some bonus tracks are added which have various picture and sound quality. The minor thing of this VCD is that the discs are devided in parts of about 10 minutes, so the chapters stop and start in the middle of most songs. If you don't like this, I recommend the DVD-version:
Wembley 1985. Available on two CD-R's.

Video-CD's can be played on DVD players or normal CD-ROM players using Windows Media Player. I can play this Video-CD on my external Sony DVD player (DVP-NS705V) without any problem. Note however that some DVD players have problems with Video-CD's. So I can only guarantee that they work on your PC CD-ROM drive!