Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Studio RTL2, Paris, France
Date 13th October 2004
Source Soundboard
Format 1CD-R
  1. Interview with Mark Knopfler / part 1
  2. Interview with Mark Knopfler / part 2
  3. Song for Sonny Liston (live acoustic)
  4. Back to Tupelo (live acoustic)
  5. Boom, like that (live acoustic)
  6. Donegan's gone (live acoustic)
  7. Questions from the audience to Mark
Additional comments One of the showcases that Mark Knopfler did to promote his new album Shangri-La. It's a very nice one with Mark playing some songs from the album completely acoustic. Very good sounding recording and nice to have the audience asking questions to Mark. Broadcasted on "Pop Rock Station".