Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Rai Tre TV studio, Milan, Italy
Date 13th October 2007
Source Soundboard
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. Intro
  2. True love will never fade (only vocals live)
  3. Interview



Additional comments Soundboard recording of a TV performance that Mark Knopfler did to promote his new album Kill to get Crimson. Only the vocals are live on this version which sounds really good! It's not the usual band for the promotion performaces; along with Mark, Guy, and Luke, were James Eller on bass and Jim Kimberley on drums. After the song, Mark is interviewed by the host of the show (who does not speak English, so everything had to be translated for Mark). Funny to see that the host wanted to touch the guitar himself. Total playing time is about 9 minutes. Good picture and sound quality.