Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue BBC5 Radio studio, London, UK
Date 13th November 2009
Source Soundboard
Format Digital Storage HDD
  1. Get Lucky (live) and interview
  2. Romeo and Juliet (live) and interview
  3. Comments about "Terry" the traffic commentator's collection of Dire Straits posters
  4. Final interview
Additional comments BBC5 Radio Five Live with Simon Mayo. In this two hour news and sports program, Mark Knopfler is guest for the last part. Simon Mayo speaks with Mark Knopfler about the making of Get Lucky and the National Steel. Mark plays Get Lucky and Romeo and Juliet live in the studio, just him alone on guitar. Simon and others reminisce about Local Hero, The Princess Bride and others. It is very clear that Simon loves the music very much, asking for the original version of Sultans of swing to be released. Total playing time is about 25 minutes. Great sound quality.