1. Interview
2. Why Aye Man (July 2002)
3. Interview
4. Devil baby (album version)
5. Interview
6. Quality Show (July 2002)
7. Interview
8. Marbletown (live in the studio)
9. Interview (error)
10. Interview
11. Radio commercial
12. Interview
13. Daddy's gone to Knoxville (album version)
14. Interview
15. The ragpicker's dream (album version)
16. Boby Dylan song played by Eric Clapton
17. Radio commercial
18. David Dye talking
19. Unknown music
20. Unknown music
21. Unknown music
22. Unknown music


World Cafe studios, Philadelphia, USA, 13th December 2002

Additional comments:
When Mark Knopfler visited the USA in 2002 for his Ragpicker's Dream promotional tour, he recorded an hour long radio special with David Dye for The World Cafe featuring, amongst other things, a solo acoustic performance of Marbletown in the radio studio. The World Cafe is a syndicated radio show reaching 150 USA stations. It's also a satellite digital radio station, which you can get on the internet. This recording has been recorded from the internet, that's why the sound is not as perfect as a normal radio recording, but still very good though. They played a couple of live songs, Why Aye Man, and Quality Shoe from the July charity gigs. The interview with David Dye, is quite good. Mark talks about inspiration for Devil Baby, the large fair in Newcastle. He also talks about Roger Miller, and Quality Shoe, as well as other influences. The complete recording is about 72 minutes long, the Mark Knopfler part lasts from track 1 to 15. Available on one CD-R.