1. Intro song of the Tros TV Show & intro Ivo Niehe
2. Interview Mark Knopfler
3. What it is (only vocals live)


EFF Studio 4, Amsterdam, Holland, 14th October 2000

Additional comments:
This is a TV show that Mark Knopfler did to promote his new album Sailing to Philadelphia. The interview is a pretty standard one but has a great moment where the interviewer, Ivo Niehe, asks about the OBE. Ivo says: "Last March you received the Order of the Brittish Empire.." Mark replies: "Officer, please!". I was at the studio and 99% of the audience were real Knopfler fans, so he got a very warm welcome! Too bad that there is a little buz over Marks microphone during the interview, but the rest of the sound is very good. Very good image quality too. After the interview, Mark plays What it Is, with only the vocals live. The show was recorded on 14th October and broadcasted on 31st October. Total length of this Video-CD is about 12 minutes. Also available on audio-CD:
TROS TV Show Available on one CD-R.

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