Artist The Notting Hillbillies
Venue Studio, BBC Radio 2, UK
Date 15th March 1990
Source Soundboard
Format 1CD-R
  1. Interview - part 1
  2. When it comes to you (live)
  3. Interview - part 2
  4. Tennessee blues (live)
  5. Interview - part 3
  6. The next time I'm in town (live)
  7. Interview - part 4
Additional comments Very good sounding recording, some tape hiss. Taken from the Wally Whyton programme on BBC Radio 2, 1990. FM stereo broadcast, taken from master tapes. Interesting and funny interview with Mark Knopfler, Steve Phillips and Brendan Croker. Guy Fletcher is also in the studio, together they perform three tracks live in the radio studio. Total playing time is about 23 minutes.