Artist Various artists (featuring Mark Knopfler)
Venue Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
Date 15th September 1997
Source Soundboard
Format 2DVD+R
Tracks DVD 1
  1. Intro
  2. George Martin
  3. Arrow
  4. Carl Perkins
  5. Midge Ure
  6. Jimmy Buffett
  7. Phil Collins
  8. London Community Gospel Choir
  9. Mark Knopfler:
    - Interview with Mark Knopfler by Tania Bryer
    - Wild theme
    - Brothers in arms
    - Money for nothing
  10. Sting
  11. Interview with George Martin
  12. Elton John
Tracks DVD 2
  1. Interview Jools Holland
  2. Eric Clapton
  3. Paul McCartney
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Additional comments DVD-Video containing the complete concert of Music for Montserrat. The concert was first aired on the 16th September 1997 on 'Sky Box Office' pay-per-view TV-channel (the source for these DVD's). Some of rock music's biggest stars performed at a benefit concert in London on Monday, September 15th to raise money for the volcano-ravaged Caribbean island of Montserrat. The concert has been organised by Sir George and Lady Martin together with Harvey Goldsmith to raise funds for the victims of the Soufriere volcano on the island of Montserrat which has been in a continuous state of eruption since July 1993. The explosion in June 1997 killed 19 people and rendered 1500 homeless. Mark Knopfler was one of the artists that evening and of course his contribution can be found on this recording. The DVD's are made in a way that you can skip from artist to artist. The performance of Mark Knopfler has extra chapters where you can skip from song to song. Very nice is the interview with Tania Bryer. Some nice facts about the recording period of the Brothers in arms album (recorded on Montserrat 1985) and there are some small clips of the Brothers in arms soundcheck at the Royal Albert Hall. Mark also plays a wonderful version of Layla together with Eric Clapton and also plays on the Paul McCartney set. The picture quality is good, the sound is good too, but a bit wobbly at moments.