1. Down to the waterline
2. Six blade knife
3. Once upon a time in the west
4. Lady writer
5. Single handed sailor
6. Water of love
7. In the gallery
8. Follow me home


1. News
2. What's the matter baby?
3. Lions
Sultans of swing
5. Wild west end
6. Where do you think you're going?
7. Eastbound train
8. Sultans of swing

Studio-L. Cologne, Germany, 16th February 1979.

Additional comments:
A home-made Video-CD featuring the Rockpalast concert from 1979. It's the complete concert featuring two versions of Sultans of Swing because Mark wasn't satisfied the way they played it the first time. The image is very good and the sound is just perfect! Nice one to play full-screen, highly recommended.  Available on two CD-R's.

Video-CD's can be played on DVD players or normal CD-ROM players using Windows Media Player. I can play this Video-CD on my external Sony DVD player (DVP-NS705V) without any problem. Note however that some DVD players have problems with Video-CD's. So I can only guarantee that they work on your PC CD-ROM drive!