Artist Dire Straits
Venue Summit Theatre, Houston, Texas, USA
Date 17th August 1985
Source Soundboard
Format 2CD-R
Tracks CD 1
  1. Ride across the river
  2. Expresso love
  3. One world
  4. Romeo and Juliet
  5. Private investigations
  6. Sultans of swing
  7. Why worry
  8. Walk of life
  9. Two young lovers
Tracks CD 2
  1. Money for nothing
  2. Wild west end
  3. Tunnel of love
  4. Brothers in arms
  5. Solid rock
  6. Going home
Additional comments

Great sounding bootleg! This is a mix of the pre-FM and FM sources from this concert. Any songs, music and applause that was missing from the pre-FM source have been patched in from the FM broadcast recording. Two young lovers and Tunnel of love are a combination of both sources due to the incompleteness of the pre-FM source. All the comments of the radio reporter are edited out and the sound has been remastered (for the show with radio reporter, see Radio Show CD's section, Saturday's at seven - Houston 1985). The FM source was slightly EQ'd to bring out certain details. The Left and Right channels were also balanced. No digital noise reduction was used. The result: without a doubt the most complete and best sounding recording of this legendary concert. One thing is clear: all recordings that are known as "San Antonio, 16th August 1985" are actually taken from the date *after* this San Antonio concert; Houston 17th august 1985. At the end of Brothers in arms, Mark says: "Thank you Houston, thank you America, we love you!" The sound quality of this soundboard recording is very good and also complete! Tunnel of love is almost 19 (!) minutes while the version of the bootleg "San Antonio '85" is heavily edited and lasts only 7:55. On this complete version Mark says about this song: "This is a song about being in a band, this is a song about being in love, a song about growing up. There's a place in Newcastle where I come from, it's called the Spanish City. I used to go there and listen to rock 'n roll music, look at all the girls .... This song is called the Tunnel of Love!". Very nice concert with great atmosphere from 1985.


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