Interview with Robin Ross 1993
Artist Mark Knopfler
Venue Studio
Date 19th April 1993
Source Soundboard
Format Digital Storage HDD
Tracks 1. Interview with Mark Knopfler
Additional comments Interesting interview that Robin Ross had with Mark Knopfler in 1993. Talking about the release of the live album On the night, development of the live songs, price of CD's, royalties, the success of the Brothers in arms album, spending time on the road during a long tour, pressure during a performance, recording of live songs, The Everly Brothers, country music, why Sultans of swing was at first not played on UK radio, selecting song versions for the On the night album, Mark not being satisfied with any of his performances (!) of Sultans of swing from the On every street tour, not touring that long again anymore, fame and success, why there is no Mark Knopfler solo album and more.  Perfect sound quality, total length is about 46 minutes.